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Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs

Is your company ready for a catastrophic emergency? Should the unthinkable happen, properly maintained emergency light and exit sign systems can save lives and minimize personnel injuries. Emergency lights and exit signs are also required by insurance companies as well as local building and fire codes. Evade serious liability and costly fines by purchasing our Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs. tests, designs, and engineers quality code-compliant egress lighting systems. Our company is well versed in this industry, and we know all the fire and building code requirements so you can make a sound investment. We strive to constantly improve the efficiency of our exit lighting fixtures, and even test and manufacture our own fixtures when a generic solution is inadequate. We work with only the top fixture manufacturers, and have helped thousands of companies with their lighting specifications. We even offer financing to qualified customers.

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Contact to get a free building evaluation or to learn more about our innovative solutions. We are committed to helping you to find the right exit or emergency lighting solution, even if we have to create one.