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UL924 Compliance

If you've browsed a couple products on you've likely seen the words “UL 924 Listed” touted like it's a big deal. Maybe you suspect this label is a dubious marketing adjective like "extra strength" and "aircraft aluminum". However, UL 924 compliance means a whole heck of a lot if you want to pass the next fire inspection. "UL924" signifies the product has been tested and exceeds fire safety codes that must be observed by all commercial entities.

For over a century, the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has independently tested and certified emergency lighting and power equipment for field effectiveness. Presiding over the safety of each new backup lighting fixture or patented feature is the UL924 Advisory Panel

We Sit on the UL924 Advisory Panel

That's right, our founder Evan Delaporte routinely meets and discusses new safetly lighting products with other board members including: electrical contractors, fire marshals and OSHA personnel. So whenever UL passes a new law or stipulation to UL924 code, we are the first to know about it and the knowledge is passed over to you.

We aren't satisfied until you pass your inspection with flying colors.