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Energy Saving Emergency Lights

Save Money with Energy Saving Emergency Lights

While some customers main concern is finding the least expensive battery backup light or exit sign they can get, there is a hidden cost to consider. Some egress lights (even code compliant ones) might not be the most efficient. Certain batteries or inefficient light bulbs (see 'All About Light Sources') found in low-cost exit lights can actually cost you hundreds of dollars more per year when installed en masse.

The second factor to consider is the installation and maintenance cost. Yes, you can buy a few generic emergency lights for $16 a piece. But the cost for an electrician to install them is going to be the same rate as it would be for a more suitable, though more expensive, fixture. 

Many of our customers eagerly buy lights and signage without considering monthly and semiannual maintenance costs REQUIRED BY ALL U.S. CITIES. After a few years of deferred maintenance or outright neglect, these fixtures quickly become inoperable. Selecting options like Auto-Test, Intelli-Charge and the NEXUS Central Maintenance System will save you all the headache of individual testing and guarantee you will pass inspection for decades to come.

How to Save Energy on Emergency Lighting

  • Though standby light fixtures only activate during power losses, a charging circuit constantly "trickle charges" the onboard battery. Emergency lights with inefficient lamps require higher capacity batteries, which will draw more energy in standby mode.
  • Whenever possible, replace incandescent and halogen lamps found in older fixtures with LED replacement bulbs. Or better yet, just replace those older fixtures with inherently LED emergency lights, which have more efficient, longer lasting light sources.
  • When applicable, install remote head floodlights in conjunction with a single high-capacity battery box instead of multiple battery units.

How to Save Energy with Exit and Egress Signs

  • LED exit signs are currently a standard  design. These exit lights draw a mere 3-5 watts/hour, and are very inexpensive to purchase.
  • Photoluminescent exit signs and egress markers require no electricity, only an external light source to maintain a charge. The sign will glow at  a UL-required illumination level for at least 90 minutes, and meets all building and fire codes. Best of all, PL signs and markers do not require an electrician to install.
  • Self Luminous Exit Signs do not require electricity or an external light source. These signs constantly glow by themselves due to a contained radioactive gas called tritium.
  • Older exit lights use incandescent bulbs. Replace them with our LED retrofit bulbs to see some energy cost and maintenance reductions.
  • If you need to buy an equal number of lights and signs, buy emergency light / exit sign combo units. Cut installation and maintenance costs in half!