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Investing in code-compliant emergency backup lighting is one of the most crucial  and important decisions you are ever going to make. Not only does it guarantee the safety of your employees and building occupants, it also keeps your business legally open to the public.

While it's tempting to just jump right in and buy the cheapest emergency light you see, there are several factors which you must consider when selecting egress lighting and exit signage. 

  • Is upfront cost really the most important consideration?
  • Are there potential maintenance savings if you invest in self-testing fixtures?
  • Are you located in a state/city that mandates energy-efficient lighting? 
  • Where will the equipment be installed? Are there extreme temperatures or explosive materials in the area?  

We shall help you answer these questions and other frequently asked queries in the following sections:

All About Light Sources

Self Luminous Tritium Exit Signs

Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Tips for Energy Saving

Nationally Recognized Testing Labs

Maintenance Procedures

About NEMA Ratings

Installation and Placement