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Lighting Assistance

Beyond Just Selling Products is not only an internet retailer of egress luminaires, we also act your advocate for code-compliant lighting installation and maintenance. If an inspector or Fire Marshall is giving you a hard time, put our knowledge to work -- most of the time, we can trump the inspector and keep your building occupied until the correct correct lighting product is installed.

Our parent company, The Lighting Source, is a nationwide energy-efficient lighting distributor on terms with over 100 manufacturers. Since most customers that call actually require more than just exit signs and standby lights, we are happy to use TLS' resources to procure LED and fluorescent troffers, downlights, lighting poles, wall packs, area lights and LED retrofit lamps to completely fulfill both general and emergency lighting needs.

The lighting services division of focuses in two main areas:

Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

Emergency Lights & Exit Signs 

Contact us to request an evaluation or walkthrough your building/facility.